A coach has already allowed himself to comment on your life
sexuality or the way you have to manage your privacy.

I filed a complaint against a trainer for sexual harassment. My federation protected him.

“You are strong ‘for a girl’!”

“If you go to the sprt, who will take care of the children?”

I’ve always been called a ‘tomboy’

You play a man’s sport!

All my youth, my only sports idols were men.

“The beautiful brunette has crossed the finish line! »- (cycling: a sports commentator)

“When it’s tired, the girls cry and the boys insult” – (martial arts: a coach)

But if you play sports, who will take care of the children?

Why continue to play such a physically demanding sport since you have 1 child?

I avoid solo jogging for my safety

“Leggings must have been invented by a rapist!” »(A sportsman to his teammates)

I am criticized for my “too imposing” muscles. I often cover my arms when I’m in public space

A brand refused me a sponsorship because I did not want to take sexy photos with their equipment

My companion reproached me for not fulfilling my “marital duty” because of my training.

I was pregnant, my sponsor broke my contract

The national coach couldn’t stand that we were two girls in a relationship. He harassed us, then pushed us away from the team.

When I reached puberty, my parents forbade me to play contact sports.

Using sport as an excuse, my trainer often allowed himself to touch my buttocks

I was winning too many tournaments. My appearance being considered too “masculine”. They forced me to undergo a femininity test.

My ex-coach called me and my mother “bitches” in front of the technical director. The federation told him “not to do it again”.

I filed a complaint against a trainer for sexual and moral harassment. My federation protected him.

I was 15 years old. I was a top athlete. The physical trainer made me his mistress. He was married, father of a family. My federation has closed its eyes.

We were a couple in the same team. I left her. He strangled me during a sports camp. The coaches have it covered.

When we broke up, he said to me, “Other than me, no one else will be interested in you. You have a man’s body. Damn, she even looks like a trans! “

I stopped athletics exhausted by the daily harassment of my partner, I was afraid he would kill me

For him, sport was not made for women. He tore up my passport, he tore up my competition